T109 DOI Daughters of Isis Ring D.O.I. D O I Daughter Prince Hall Freemasonry

This is a Stainless Steel Daughters of Isis ring. The gold tone color is permanent and the ring will not turn or tarnish. It is approx 10mm wide. The design of the band has 3 separate bands that are attached throughout the ring. Each band has 3 beautiful clear faceted brilliant rhinestones on each side of the Daughter emblem, so there are 18 rhinestones in total. The Daughter head has amazing detail with full colors throughout. Comes in whole sizes 5 through 12. We will also have the same ring except a polished silver tone throughout the metal and one that has a polished black tone throughout the metal. Again, these will not turn, tarnish or fade. It should be worn with some care as the rhinestones could get knocked loose or off entirely if the ring is banged around real hard. Comes in a nice gift box. We are expecting the silver tone and black tone rings sometime in February, they will be items T110 and T111. This ring will come in a cute little gift box.

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