About FreeMasonShrine.com

Thank you for your interest in FREEMASONSHRINE.COM and our products.  In 2016 we purchased Buckles Unlimited of Detroit, MI.  In the early 1960's, Ron and Pearl Scissors started Buckles Unlimited.  Ron and Pearl traveled the country attending Mason and Shrine events.  In the 1980's, soon after the creation of the internet, Ron saw the value of being able to market their products to the Mason and Shrine communities 24 hours a day and not be limited to the shows they attended, so he built a website including almost every product they carried.   Their business immediately began to flourish.  Ron and Pearl specialized in many original designed items for the Mason and Shrine communities and Ron's manufacturing knowledge allowed him to make or have made an enormous  variety of products.  After their death, Ron and Pearl's daughter Marla and her husband Steve took over the business and operated it until health issues caused them to sell in 2016.

Today, FREEMASONSHRINE.COM still offers many of the original products designed by Ron and Pearl and we offer custom and special order services through our manufacturing partners here in the US and Asia.  We will be developing this website to include the items we carry and we also attend many of the same Mason and Shrine events the Scissors have attended for nearly seven decades.  If you have an item you would like produced, please contact us at sales@freemasonshrine.com, we would love to fulfill your vision and make your concept into an actual product.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


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